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Please take a moment to watch the videos below showing what a Blue Badge Guide offers visitors to London. The second video show’s the latest London Black Taxi.


Hello, my name is Alexander Davy, a London Taxi driver, tour guide and London obsessive!


The wonderful thing about London is that the history is never ending, dating back 2000 years to when the Romans decided to pay us an extended visit fast forwarding to the modern day current affairs of oligarchs buying mansions for tens of million of pounds and leaving them empty, to foreign spies being poisoned in top end London hotels; each passing day adds another page to London’s autobiography.

Having passed the world’s most stringent taxi test and being a Blue Badge tour guide I have a unique and intimate knowledge of London which means I can help maximize your stay in London - basically I’ve done all the hard work, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride! I also only conduct one tour a day, so I can give you my uninterrupted attention.

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